A Fun Christmas Special To Keep In Your Back Pocket!

Hello readers! No, you aren’t imagining things. Your prayers have been answered, and I am back at the helm of this blog to bring you more reviews and insights on Christmas Specials! I’ll be covering new and old, good and bad, common and obscure!

Speaking of obscure, did you know there is a bizarre children’s show in the UK called Grandpa in my Pocket? While the title sounds possibly very inappropriate, it is actually a pretty silly and admittedly charming show. It is about a young boy named Jason Mason, and his paternal grandfather, Jeremy (referred to simply as Grandpa), and the adventures they get into when Grandpa puts on his “shrinking cap”, a magical hat that allows him to shrink down to the size of an action figure. From what I gather from the episode and a half I have watched so far, these adventures are usually good natured fun and silly pranking, but nothing mean spirited or lewd. With that in mind though, does this Christmas Special of a bizarre kid’s show set itself apart from the herd and make for a seasonal favourite? Keep reading to find out!

To be fair, I HAD to buy this DVD once I saw the cover!

To be fair, I HAD to buy this DVD once I saw the cover!

The special starts on Christmas Eve, with Jason and Grandpa playing around in the kitchen, while grandpa’s sister, Great Aunt Loretta, is busying herself making stuffing for Christmas dinner. Jason’s mother enters the kitchen seeking help in writing a song about Christmas, and Grandpa and Jason tell her to make sure she includes some lines about the magic of Christmas, which makes Aunt Loretta scoff. She insists that there is no such thing as magic, even at Christmas, which makes Grandpa rather upset. He excuses himself to go have a “lie down”, which is the code he uses to excuse himself when is is going to shrink himself down. Jason pops his head into the other room just in time to see Grandpa put on his shrinking cap and disappear somewhere into the kitchen. What is the crafty old man up to?

Jason doesn’t have much time to think about it, because just then, family friend Mr. Liker-Biker arrives at the house with a gift in tow! As I’m sure you may have picked up on from his name, Mr. Liker-Biker really likes bikes and bicycle accessories, and as such brought them a bicycle related Christmas present, a wreath filled with bells and horns. After hanging it on the shelf, it magically starts to honk and ding! Grandpa is up to one of his pranks, but everyone thinks it is magic, everyone except Great Aunt Loretta that is. She doesn’t fall for all that magic silliness.

Mr. Liker-Biker, an odd fella!

Mr. Liker-Biker, an odd fella!

After Mr. Liker-Biker takes his leave, Jason and the rest of his family head on over to Miss Smiley’s Cafe, to grab some sweets for after dinner. Shortly after they arrive, the local inventor Mr. Mentor arrives as well to pick up a special treat from Miss Smiley. She has baked him a special Christmas Pudding, and just before he grabs it to take it back to his house, Grandpa jumps right into it (which is actually kinda gross, but whatever) Jason tries to tag along to Mr. Mentor’s house to rescue Grandpa, but to no avail. Jason’s family heads home, while Great Aunt Loretta heads over to Mr. Mentor’s house to see some of his new inventions.

Mr. Mentor the inventor

Mr. Mentor the inventor

Mr. Mentor is quite the skilled inventor, as he even manages to invent things in his sleep! While showing off some of his newest creations, Grandpa sneaks out of the pudding to take a closer look at a miniature Santa Claus and sleigh on Mr. Mentor’s table. Great Aunt Loretta admires the toy, and Mr. Mentor explains he doesn’t know what it does just yet, but once the time comes, it will do what it is supposed to do. Great Aunt Loretta looks at a few more inventions, and then leaves.

Back at the house, Jason tries to convince his family to go over to Mr. Mentor’s as well, so he can get Grandpa back safe and sound. His father and sister want to hear none of it, but agree to head out to the toy store next to Mr. Mentor’s so they can get a new fairy for the top of their tree. Upon their arrival at Mr. Whoops’ toy shop, Jason’s sister Jemima finds a new fairy for the family, and Great Aunt Loretta joins them after seeing them through the window while walking by. Just then, Grandpa comes flying in the window in the tiny Santa’s sleigh wearing a Santa disguise, and everyone is won over by how magical it is. Everyone except Great Aunt Loretta, who points out that this is just another of Mr. Mentor’s silly inventions, not magic. That doesn’t stop Grandpa from convincing a boy in the store that the sleigh is magical by waving and winking at him. Jason grabs the sleigh, so he can “give it back to Mr. Mentor” (and smuggle Grandpa home), and heads back to the house with his family.

Mr. Whoops, the clumsy toy store owner

Mr. Whoops, the clumsy toy store owner

Jemima puts the new fairy on top of their tree and everyone starts getting ready for dinner, so Jason tells Grandpa it’s time to take off the shrinking cap, but Grandpa is still determined to make Great Aunt Loretta believe in magic, and has one last trick up his sleeve. Jason and the family gather in the kitchen, while Great Aunt Loretta goes to admire the new fairy, and low and behold the fairy is moving and talking! At first Great Aunt Loretta thinks this is just another invention, but when the fairy begins to talk to her about the magic of Christmas, she realizes that maybe there is a special sort of Christmas magic in the air. She heads into the kitchen to tell the family about what just happens, and we see Grandpa take off the fairy costume, jump down from the tree, and take off his shrinking cap. He and Jason go join the family in the kitchen, and just then the rest of their guests arrive. They all gather to talk about the magic of Christmas, and Jason’s mother hands out the lyrics to her new Christmas song. Everyone sings the song, about the magic of Christmas, as well as their small town of Sunnysands, before sitting down for a big Christmas dinner. Grandpa and Jason celebrate the fact that they were able to make Great Aunt Loretta believe in the magic of Christmas, high-five each other, and the credits roll.

This special falls under the category of being a one-off Christmas episode, where the characters of the show try to teach each other a lesson about Christmas. I think it does a good job of getting its message across, that you are never too old to believe in the magic of Christmas, even if it took a lot of use of another kind of magic to help prove that point. The message isn’t too heavy handy or rooted too heavily in religion, so I could see this special appealing to people of all walks of life.

I am really genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed not only this special, but the show in general. The premise is a little bizarre, but no more than a lot of other children’s shows I’ve had the displeasure of catching snippets of lately (Wizards of Waverly Place and Dog With a Blog spring to mind) While this show is clearly meant for young children, what with the silliness and physical humour sprinkled throughout, there is enough heart and good natured fun in the episode that people of all ages should find it a fun distraction for the holidays. Considering I really bought the DVD of this show as a joke based on how ridiculous the cover art was and how dumb the show sounded, I’m glad I spent that Toonie to grab this show, because I have definitely found a fun Christmas special that I can watch with my niece when she’s old enough, and any other kids who may end up at our place around the holidays. I highly recommend this special to anyone looking for a good special to watch with their young kids, or anyone who is a big kid at heart and still believes in the magic of Christmas. I’m definitely adding this one to the “must watch every year” list!

Thanks for reading folks, and I hope to have another entry up for you very soon! Until next time!


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